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Web design

Welcome and thanks in showing your interest in sparking web design by the hostndost team. We will provide you quality website at very low price. We have a small team that will make sure you will get your required result in a given time.

Cheap Web Design 

You will get web design of your choice either simple or dynamic at very low price.

  • 3 Page Web design @ Rs 599.
  • 5 Page Web design @ Rs 699.
  • 10 Page web design @ Rs 799.
  • 10+ Page web design @ Rs 19999.
Yes, right up to 10-page web designing cost will be just Rs 799. But for later one, we will charge good enough amount. Why? Because, you will not require more than 10 pages, and in case, anyone want, then it means they are earning good enough. And for sure, we  will forget the charity that time, because you will not get any website design at this much price.

Web Design - Benefits

Beside above things, how we can be helpful to you as well? See getting a web design only is not your solution. You need to host your website somewhere, so that it will be available to the rest of the world. Again, we will provide you web hosting at a very cheapest price.

Web hosting - Rs399/month, and you will get unlimited storage, bandwidth, and 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Email id - Rs 250/month per account with 5 GB web space, and advanced features like access from anywhere or from mobile devices as well.

Content Writing - Rs 150/page, you can forget about the technical parts of the website. Just provide us your requirement, and what to put or not on your website, and you are done with your job.

Website Maintenance - Rs 3500, rest assured about the hackers, spammers or other brute attacks. Because we will take care of your website, and you can sleep tight without any tension.

In short

Web Design -       Rs 799

Web hosting -       Rs 4788 ( Rs 399/month)

Email id       -       Rs 3000 ( Rs250/month)

Content Writing - Rs 1500 ( Rs150/page)

Maintenance     - Rs 3500
Total                -  Rs 13587/ year

Web Design - December Offer

You will get complete website ( web design + the web hosting + Email id (1) + Content writing + Maintenance) at just Rs 7188/ year.

Note: This is applicable only if you will go for the at least three-year plans.

The recurring amount will be Rs 9788/ year at the time of the renewal of the plans. Yes, we will give you content writing, and maintenance at discounted rates.


We at hostndost want both side commitment, don't try to put unnecessary images or content, because your ultimate goal is to generate more leads and expand your business. So never try hard to mess things on your website. Being an affiliate or reseller, we will give you our level best, and ultimately it's up to you whether you want to maintain your website for the long run or want to irritate your clients and all.