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Seo Tips

Welcome to the SEO tutorials by Hostndost. Just creating a blog or a website will not give you the guarantee of the success in your online journey. It is very much important to implement the SEO effectively and correctly. Never forget that content is king, and it should be interesting, unique and for sure not the duplicate one. Even the king alone cannot do anything, and hence, SEO will work as a soldier.

SEO Tutorial -Index

SEO Definition

Keyword Research

Page Rank

On-page SEO

  • SEO Title - Check the importance of normal title and keyword rich Title.
  • Heading And Bold - Learn the importance of Heading and use of the Bold.
  • Optimize Images
  • Keyword Density
  • Internal Link

Off-page SEO

  • Anchor Text
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Targeting Quality Sites.
  • Site Health
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Paid links

Blackhat SEO Techniques

Whitehat SEO

SEO Checklist - 2016

SEO Tools

  • Keyword Finder
  • Keyword Volume
  • Website Auditor
  • Link Checker
  • SEO Spyglass
  • Rank Checker
  • Add-ons


We want our readers to implement white hat techniques, and avoid shortcut for your dream projects. Because major search engines will not like your wrong approach towards Search Engine Optimization. If you are looking for the long term, slow, steady progress, then enjoy your work and build links gradually.