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Blogger Template

Welcome and thanks for landing on the blogger template by hostndost. In this tutorial page, you will get each any every detail about the blogger templates. Because we have seen many people struggled while customizing the blogger template or creating their own unique blogger theme. So for you people we have come up with the complete tutorial on Template modification or its complete creation from scratch.

Blogger Template - By categories

We have categorized the tutorial by their name, type, features, styles, activities or by the occasion. Let's see what we have for you:

Column based blogger template

  • 1 column template
  • 2 column template
  • 3 column template
  • 4 column template
  • 5 column template
Features based blogger template
  • Slideshow - template with slideshow
  • Thumbnail - template with post thumbnails
  • Drop Down Menu - Blogger theme with drop down menu
  • Ads ready - Blogger theme that will allow to place ads.
  • Footer columns - One column, two column or three column footer.
  • Simple blogger template 
  • Tabbed blogger theme - templates with tabs.
Activities based blogger theme
  • Sports - Templates for sports.
  • Travel - Templates for travel.
  • Photography - Templates for photographers.
  • Online store - Templates for Online store.
  • Entertainment - Templates for movies, music, gaming, fashion and etc.
  • Education - Themes for education firms.

Sidebar based blogger template
  • Left sidebar
  • Two left sidebar
  • Right sidebar
  • Two right sidebar
  • One left and one right sidebar
  • One left and two right sidebar
  • One right and two left sidebar
Layout based blogger template
  • Responsive template
  • Premium template
  • WordPress template
  • Magazine template
  • Gallery template
  • Fresh template
If you want to use our template then you are free to use, but don't forget to give credit to hostndost. In case, you want to learn how to create blogger template from scratch then contact us and get the tutorial for the same.