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Monday, 21 March 2016

Dreamhost Alternatives - Free Web Hosting plan | Get It

You are not happy with the Dreamhost and looking for the Dreamhost Alternatives? Well we can help you with the free alternative to dreamhost. To save your time let’s see what we will cover in today’s Dreamhost tutorial.
  • Why people are looking for alternatives to dreamhost?
  • How to get Free DreamHost alternative?
  • Best DreamHost Alternatives

Now if you don’t find your query or solution in our this tutorial, then why don’t you look for the top best shared hosting tutorial by us?

Why you want DreamHost Alternatives?

The answer is very simple:
  • Expensive Plans – Yes, it’s true that the plans they offer are almost twice the other shared hosting providers. Like BlueHost, Hostgator and etc.
  • Not satisfied – You are the frustrated client of the DreamHost, and frequently seeing system resource restriction, bandwidth usage problem or other problems including the temporarily account suspension and etc.
  • User ratings – Most of the user ratings favor xyz web hosts because they are not the genuine one. Sometimes you will see frustrated users rating and probably they will over react on some issues that had been mishandled from both ends.

If you see any reason then let us know and we will consider it in our article updation.

How to get Free Dreamhost Alternative?

Well this is interesting part, and let me highlight some important facts.

Look at the above table and understand its importance. Our free dreamhost alternative is for the lifetime and it is just $150 which is onetime payment towards our services. Let’s understand it with simple example:

DreamHost – 3 years

If you will go for DreamHost and you will pay for 3 years @ $7.95/month then you have to pay $286.2. Later if your website will do well and get huge traffic let’s say 50k to 1 lakh per day then you have to upgrade for plan which will cost you extra amount per year.

Note: In case, your website will not grow that much after 3 years, still you have to pay $286.2 for next three years.

Our Free Dreamhost Alternative – 3 years or life time

We will charge for our services which is $150 and it will include:
  • Website Design of your choice.
  • Free set up (WordPress)
  • Free set Up – for any blogging platform
  • Highly secure website or blog

Note: Like Dreamhost shared hosting you need not to pay renewal price after every year or three. We have just one time payment option

Why we are giving free alternatives to Dreamhost?

Let us clear very important point that you are not our relative, friend or we don’t have any connection with you. Still we are giving you free alternative to DreamHost and the simple reason is:
  • Free web Hosting – Even we will not be charged for web hosting then why we will charge you?
  • Free bandwidth – If we are getting it free then why we will charge you?
  • Free web space – Again same thing, why to charge for the thing that you will get free?

Why we are charging $150?

Dear readers, we will do all hard work for web design, blog set up and other things and hence we should get something in return. If you will see $150 is onetime payment and later you have to pay for the domain name.

Note: We don’t have any control on the domain name renewal and hence you have to pay the domain name renewal amount. I guess it will vary from $20- $25/year.

Best Dreamhost alternatives - option

Why we are saying it is the best alternative to dreamhost? Because it is much cheaper than it. In fact, it is much cheaper than any web hosting service providers plan. If you really want our services then you can proceed in two ways:

  • Buy Domain Name yourself – Why don’t you buy domain name from your favorite web host and let us work on it? This way you will directly pay the domain name renewal to that company.
  • We will buy domain name for you – In this case, you have to pay extra $20-$25 along with the $150.
Note: You have to pay domain name renewal amount every year either to us or to your favorite web host.

We will not support premium extensions that worth in few thousand dollars. If you wish then pay yourself and trust me it is all waste of money. Please avoid such investments.

Payment Options:

Well everything will go in smooth way, and again we have two option for you:
  • $50 first – If you have your own domain name, then just pay $50 as a signing amount and once your website is live pay the rest of the $100 amount.
  • $100 first – If you want us to buy domain name then you have to pay $100, out of which $25 will go towards domain purchasing and $75 as a signing amount for the project. Rest $75 we will charge once your website will go live.

Note: You will get admin control panel once you will pay final amount. After the payment you can start blogging or website data insertion.

Free Dreamhost Alternative – What you will not get?

We have discussed what you will get in our free alternative to dreamhost. Now we will see what you will not get in our plan?

  • No Email Account – Our free plan does not come with email accounts. In case, you want then we will charge extra for it. Tips- If you are a blogger then no need to have official id, and if you are a small business then still you don’t requires official id.
  • No unique IP Address – You will not get unique ip address. Which is not required at all?
  • No SSL/TLS Certificates – You will not get in our free plan, but yes if you will go for the ecommerce site or you will accept payment online then it is a must to have thing.

Payment Method for DreamHost alternative

We accept payment option via three ways:
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque
Few answers to your question:
  • Is Payment is refundable? – No, we are not charging anything towards web hosting, bandwidth and web space. We are charging for our services like website design, website set up either static or dynamic and you will get ready website to start off.
  • What if you will be cheated? – This is the reason we had partly payment option and given you bank transfer or cheque option. Because in both the cases you will have our details and last thing is any web hosting company will charge like this only.
  • Why you don’t have credit card/debit card payment option? – Because we are giving you everything free of cost except the domain name and these gateways are paid one and to avail that facilities we have to charge for web hosting, bandwidth and web space. In that case, you will not get life time free web hosting.

We have seen what DreamHost alternatives we have for you. If you really want to go for the one time option then it will save huge money for your lifetime. In case you want Dreamhost services, then look for our Dreamhost promo code to save some dollars for you.