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Saturday, 27 February 2016

How to remove subscribe to posts(atom) ? | Easy Steps For You

Welcome and thanks for landing on blogging tutorials provided by the Hostndost team. If you are using blogger platform then you must have seen many things which you will not find it on WordPress or other CMS as a default. Like posts atom, Powered by Blogger and Home link at the bottom of the post or page. We strongly believe one should understand the importance of its before removing it.

This is why before covering "How to remove subscribe to posts(atom)?" we will cover its importance first and later you will decide to show, hide or remove the post atoms.

Why remove subscribe to posts (atom) ?

Let's see some interesting facts about the post atoms and then decide do you really want to remove the posts atom? Atoms have been introduced to replace the RSS feed as an option and hence one should have the precise information before taking any action.

What is Post Atom?

In very simple term, the atom is used for web feeds. It's base is XML language and for creation and updation they have a simple protocol called Atom Publishing Protocol.

The web feeds can be anything like meta data's, full articles, links as the resources, headlines and summaries or excerpts.

Usages of the Post atom

Now let's see how important and useful posts atom? And we will just highlight the points to save your time.

  • Blogger tool - As a blogger you will get a tool to share your recent entries either in short or full articles.
  • Periodic Updates - If you are into journalism, marketing or any other work profile that demands regular updation then Post atom is a handy tool to reach the mass.
  • Export blog - You can use the atom to export your blog or take its backup for the better option.
  • Import blog -You can use the atom to import your blog or website to other blogging platforms like WordPress, and etc.
Now tell me still you want to  remove posts(atom)? If yes, then here we go otherwise feel proud on your decision.

How to remove subscribe to posts(atom) ? 

If you finally decided to remove the posts atom than follow the bellow steps and you will not see " Subscribe to posts(atom)" anymore.

Step 1:

Login to your blogger account and follow bellow instructions:

Go to dashboard ---> Template -----> Edit Html (click on it)

Note: Before editing your template first take the backup of it as well.

Step 2:

Now click anywhere in the code, and press the control + F. Now you will see search box, just search the below mentioned code:

<b:include data="feelinks" name="feedlinksBody"></b:include>

Step 3:
Once you will get this code, just remove it and you are done.

Step 4:

The last step is to save the template.


We have just covered the tutorial on " How to remove subscribe to posts(atom)?" In case, you have got any query or suggestions, then do write to us and we will assist you in your hurdle to cross it together.

If you liked our tutorial on post atoms, then why don't you share it with your friends? Because sharing is lovely and free thing to do.