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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Hostned web hosting | Cheap Hosting At $2/month

Welcome to the Hostndost and today we will cover Hostned web hosting tutorial. We have decided to write on hostned for those who are looking for the cheap web hosting services. If you are looking for the cheap web hosting, then you can trust Hostned as your web hosting partner. Why? I will give you some good reason because of which you can trust them.

Hostned Features

Let's see what they will give you, and what is important for you to consider while going for any web host service providers.

  • 100 days Money Back Guarantee - You can ask your refund anytime. It means if you are not satisfied with their services then take your money back even after 3 months. 
  • 2500 MB web space - It is good for any blogger or a small business to start. Just don't use videos and overuse the images.
  • 250 GB Bandwidth - You will get enough bandwidth for data transfer and you can enjoy healthy traffic to your website.
  • 5 Email accounts - In addition to the above features, you will get 5 email accounts to give the professional look to your business.
Being a fresher you should focus on:
  • Web Space - 2500 MB space is good to start, and later you can upgrade to the plan as per the need.
  • Bandwidth - 250 GB bandwidth is anyhow sufficient for your blog or a small/medium size business.
  • Uptime - You should not go anything less than 99%. It means your website will be up for 99% in the whole year.
  • Money back - This is very important to consider because some web hosts give only 30 days or 60 days to test their services. Here Hostned is giving 100 days, and if you will feel that you are not satisfied or not getting the promised services, then get your money back within 100 days.

Deal for freshers

Now if you understand your need and you don't want to pay more for the same features, then Linux standard plan is suitable for you to start your dream.

Plan name: Linux Standard
Price: $25/year

If you want to go for the plan @ $2/month, then don't wait for a long time, because price can rise and you will loose the opportunity to test services.

If you don't have a website or you just want a domain name, then you can register your domain with any top Hostned web hosting.


We have just covered hostned web hosting and it is a good web hosting provider choice for the newcomers to start off. You can enjoy the ride and if you will not like their services then you have 100 days to ask for the refund. So what are you waiting for? Forget the fear and start with the clear thought and positive attitude to fly high.

If you liked our tutorial, then do share it with your friends or like us to motivate us to write more articles. In case, you wish to share or ask query then feel free to contact us.

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