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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Top 5 WordPress Hosting | Try First And Pay Later

Welcome and thanks on landing the exciting topic " WordPress hosting". If you are a new to web hosting or blogging, then first gather information and then try to get the best one for your online journey. To make your work easier, we have introduced top 5 WordPress hosting providers. If you are looking for the trusted and proved brands in the field of web hosting and especially in WordPress hosting, then you have landed on a right tutorial.

WordPress Hosting VS Web Hosting

Before jumping on your favorite list, you should know the difference of the WordPress Hosting and normal web hosting. We will just discuss it in brief because we have already covered it in detail.

WordPress Hosting:
  • It is introduced for handling CMS problems with ease.
  • You will not see the system resource restriction problem.
  • Fully secured and speedy starting for your blog.
  • Technical customer support, which you will not get, if you will go for normal web hosting.
Web hosting:
  • Web hosting can be used for CMS like WordPress, but not advisable on shared hosting servers.
  • You can use templates provided by the web host to avoid system resource limitation problem.
  • Cheaper one as compared to the managed WordPress hosting.
  • You will not get easy to use plugins like WordPress.
Note: You can install WordPress on your normal web hosting plan as well. But later you will understand the trick of web hosting providers to offer WordPress on the shared hosting or VPS hosting.

Best WordPress hosting - list

Now we will see the top 5 hosting providers that will give you a quality services for your WordPress blogs. Though they are bit costly, but in reality, they are cheaper than any shared or VPS hosting plans. We will discuss it later, let's see the top web hosting providers for your WordPress sites:

WP Engine WordPress Hosting - $29/month

It is the best and trusted solution for your Wordpress blogs. If you really want to start safe, secure and steady, then WP Engine is the best choice to start. Get your personal WordPress site at just $29/month.


  • 10 GB Local Storage.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Customer Support - You will get 24 by 7 technical customer support.
  • Staging - Instantly create a copy of your website for testing.
  • Live chat system
Discount: Yes ( Get 2 months free hosting )

  • Pay for 1 year, and get 2 months benefits.
  • Use our discount link to avail two months benefits.
  • Instead of paying $348/year, just pay $290/year. It means you will save $58/year.
Note: Try it for 50 days, and if you think you are not getting what they have mentioned on a website, then take your money back.

Pressidium WordPress Hosting - $24.90/month

The Pressidium is a good choice after WP Engine because it will serve you in a better way with the technical expert team. You can successfully host your WordPress blogs and hope for the best result in terms of the speed, and security.


  • You can install at least 3 WordPress.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth - It is important to have unlimited data transfer.
  • 10 GB SSD space.
  • SSL
  • CDN
  • Expert Support
Discount: Yes ( Get your WordPress blog @ $249/year)


  • Use above link to get the two months free hosting from the Pressidium. 
  • Just click on it, and chose the personal plan and go for annual payment.
  • Instead of paying $298.8/year, now you will pay just $249/year.
Note: Try it for 50 days, and if you feel you are not satisfied with their service, then ask for the refund.

Bigrock WordPress Hosting - $2.19/month

If you are looking for cheap WordPress Hosting, then make Bigrock is a very good choice to use. You will get Bigrock WordPress hosting at $2.19/month only.


  • 10 GB space
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 200 email ids.

  • Try it for 20 days, and if you will not like their service, then ask for your full refund.
  • Just click the link and you will automatically get the discount benefits.
Note: You have to pay for 5 years hosting plan.

Pressable WordPress Hosting - $20.83/month

You can use pressable WordPress hosting to host your 5 websites. Yes, you can host five WordPress site on Pressable at the same price. If you will divide $20.83 by 5, then it will come around approx $4/month. Which is not at all costly for the CMS use.

  • Premium CDN - Handy to speed up your WordPress sites.
  • Server Side Optimization.
  • Daily Backups - Important for any webmasters.
  • Malware scanning and removal.
  • Catching.

Discount: Yes ( Try it for 15 days)

  • Select any plan, and try it for 15 days without paying, and later decide what to do?
  • If you will pay for the 1year plan, then you will get 2 months free for the same.

Note: Try it first, and if you will like it then continue, otherwise no issues.

Inmotion WordPress Hosting - $7.99/month

Inmotion hosting can be a good choice for the reputed web hosting providers. You will get countless features on your WordPress Sites, and that too at $7.99/month payment. Don't worry we have the discount option for you.


  • Free Domain - You need not pay extra for domain registration.
  • Unlimited Disk space.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Customer support - The best part is, you will get 24 by 7 technical support.
  • Free Data Backups - The other thing which impressed me is free backup support. It means unlike other web hosts, Inmotion hosting will not charge you to safely take backup of your websites.
You will see more features when you will go for it.

  • Use our discount link, and instead of paying $7.99/month, just pay $4.89/month.
  • Discount will be automatically applied.
Note: Try it for 80 days, and if you will not be satisfied with their service, then ask for your refund.


If you are looking to create a blog using CMS, then WordPress is the best choice. For our readers, especially those who are totally new and confused about the web hosting and the WordPress hosting, then they should go for the trusted brand. If you will ask our choice for the WordPress blogs, then we will recommend WP Engine. Just try it for 50 days, and if you will not get what they are saying, then take your money back within 60 days of purchase.