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Monday, 21 December 2015

Cheap Hosting | Top 10 best cheap web hosting

Are you looking for the best cheap web hosting? Hey, I got the question for you, if something is cheap then how come it is best? Don’t worry we have something really good for you, if you have decided to start your dream in the online world. 

Cheap web hosting - Advantages

Before covering the list of web hosting, we will first try to understand its Advantages for you. Because it is very much important to show you the both side of the cheap hosting. First we will cover its advantages, and later we will cover its disadvantages.

  • Price - As its name suggests, you will get shared or probably VPS hosting plans at very cheap rate.
  • Good for the starter - If you are just a fresher, then you can go for any cheap shared hosting plans. Because for you, VPS or Dedicated plans are the waste of money for sure.
  • Features - Some cheap web hosting providers will give you feature rich plans at very low cost
  • Small Business - If you just need a website to handle your clients queries, then cheap investment will be a good option for you.
These are the above said points that we can see in a cheap hosting. Being an experienced guy, I will not appreciate the use of the cheap web hosting. Why? Check yourself in disadvantages section.

Cheap hosting - Disadvantages

Now you tell me, do you think cheap web hosting will give you more pleasure as compared to the trusted brands? Let's see:

  • System resource - You will see more resource limitation problems, especially you will use CMS in shared hosting plans.
  • Security issues - If you will pay the cheap amount, then for sure you will not get deluxe services. It means you will be having more security threats.
  • Uptime issues - cheap web hostings will not give you 99% uptime service, even though they will claim it. 
  • Customer Support - You will see even their customer support is not technically sound, and hence, your problem will persist for more than the expected time.
Since we are covering cheap hosting, and that is why it is our responsibility to show you the real world of such hosting.

Best cheap web hosting - top 10

We want to provide the quality services to our readers, and that is why we took the time to let you understand the pros and cons of the cheap hostings. Now we will see, which are the top 10 and the best cheap web hosting that you can go for. 

Mochahost - $3.95/month

You can choose any plans (Soho, Business, and mocha). If you are a complete fresher then we will suggest you Soho or Business plans only.

  • 100% uptime
  • Security and reboot protection
  • No limit on web space, and on using bandwidth.
Price: $3.95/month - $10.35/month

If you will use above links, then you will be eligible for 50% discount or lifetime free domain. You need to remember few tips:
  1. Our discount link only available for 10 days of your visit.
  2. 50% discount benefits will be provided only if you will go for 3 year plans( Soho or Business)
  3. free domain for a lifetime will be applicable for business or mocha plans
Note: Once you will click on the link, your discount will be applicable automatically, and same will reflect on the landing page. So remember that the discount will not be available for the longer time, so hurry up.


It is a good to choose web hosting for the new webmasters. You can choose any plan ( starter, personal, business and business pro). If you will take my view then i would suggest you either starter or the personal one.

Price: $1 - $14/month

  1. The $0.83/month link will be valid for 15 days of your click.
  2. 45% or 20% discount is only valid till 31 Dec-2015. It means, you click or not, it will be useless after 31st December.
  3. Use SANTAWEB coupon code while making the payment, and you will be eligible for 45% discount.

Again Avahost is good for the freshers because their plan will start from $2.95/month and it will cover cloud VPS hosting at $17.95/month.

Price: $3.17/month - $17.95/month

Discount: Yes (15% discount | $10 OFF )


  1. To avail 15% discount on any web hosting plan by Avahost, you need to enter the coupon code (SAS15OFF).
  2. To avail $10 off on any web hosting plan, you need to enter the coupon code (SAS10USD).
  3. You can use above code while making the payment.
Note: Discounts are for the limited time and if the link is active than it means you can use it. So don't waste your time, and decide to start your online earnings.


The best part of Epowhost is you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at free of cost. It means if you are not happy with the current plan, you can switch to other or upgrade quite easily. Epowhost offers two plans (Standard & Pro).

Price: $5.95/month - $7.95/month.

Discount: Yes ( $3.95/month | Free Domain name )

  1. Instead of paying $5.95/month, you can use our discount link to pay $3.95/month.
  2. You can save $12.95/year of domain name price. It means you can use our free domain name link to save $25/two years.
  3. Just click the link, you will be redirected to the epowhost, and the discount will be automatically added while making payment.
Note: Above discount will be applicable only if you will go for 2 year payment option.


This cheap web hosting is a bonus for you guys. It means you can use their free hosting or the premium hosting option. I would suggest you to go for free hosting option first.

Price: Free - $70/year

Discount: Yes (Free hosting)

  1. If you want to use free hosting, then you have to pay just $35 for the domain name.
  2. Just click the above free hosting link, and the discount will be applicable automatically.

As per Hostned, they are hosting plans on fast and reliable web servers. If you are a newcomer, then you can give a try to the Hostned. You can choose any plan from available option. If you will ask my view then I would say Linux standard is good to start.

Price: $25/year - $69/year.

Discount: ( Webhosting plans | Domain name)


  1. To get web hosting at $2/month, you need to click the web hosting plans and select Linux standard plan.
  2. To register your domain, you can choose domain name option.

The Glowhost is again a good option for you to start because it is the cheapest one. The other reason is, we have more discount option for you in Glowhost.

Price: $4.48/month - $9.98/month (These are shared hosting price range.)

  1.  Just pay for one month ($4.48), and avail 2 months web hosting free. Just click the link, and select any plan, and enter 2FREEMONTHS coupon code, while making the payment.
  2. Pay for 6 months ($4.48/month), and avail 2 months web hosting free plus PHP Motion installation free service. Just enter PHPMOTION code while paying for the plan.
  3. If you want to get 2 Free months plan + $  2.48/month plan, then click on the last link, select the 2 year payment option, and enter 2FREEMONTHS code while making the payment.
Note: Discounts are for the limited period and if the link is not clickable than the discount is over. 


Eboundhost is almost like a free web hosting because they will charge $1/month for the hosting plans by using our discount link.

Price: $4/month (Unlimited plans)

Discount: Yes ( $1/month | 10% Off on any web hosting plan)


  1. You can use the first link to get unlimited plans at $1/month. Remember, you need not enter any coupon code here, just click the link, and you will see the plan option will activate automatically.
  2. If you want 10% off on any web hosting plan, then use the second link. Again,  no need to enter the code.

As the name suggest, you can get cheap hosting at Namecheap with good services. Namecheap hosting is fast, secure and reliable for webmasters.

Price: $38.88/year - $129/year


  1. To get web hosting at $1.66/month, just click on the link and choose the plan and the discount will be automatically added.
  2. If you just want the domain name, then get it at just $3.98 using the second link.


We have just covered the cheap web hosting. If you really want to go for the cheapest option of the web host, then you can use our cheap hosting list to start your dream. In fact, we have discount options for the some of the cheap web hosting. If you have any query then feel free to contact us.